Discreet Counsel & Facilitation

Specializing in Exceptional American and European Marques

Acquisition & Sales

Both novice and seasoned enthusiasts can benefit from objective clarity and depth of knowledge when seeking to identify, locate, and secure that special example. Whether realigning or downsizing, thoughtful planning and strategic execution are key to achieving your goals.

Collection Consulting

Drawing on complementary experiences in  restoration, collection management, media, and auctions, my application of an art advisory concept is focused on education, calibration, and reducing exposure to risk.

Historical Research

Although collectible since the late 1930s, the term “provenance” has only been associated with automobiles much more recently. My “automotive genealogy” approach has an established track record that benefits owners, restorers, and ultimately the cars.

Appraisals & Estate Planning

Inventories and appraisals are required for many purposes and knowing where your collection stands is also the first step in estate planning. I am accredited under the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and can facilitate discussion with you and your trusted professionals to avoid the high cost of incomplete planning.