Due Diligence & Connoisseurship

Avoid Unwanted Surprises


Building Or Growing

Automobiles spur excitement and passion, but discipline and due diligence are infinitely valuable; plenty of enthusiasts can relate a story of a hasty purchase gone wrong. Education and vision before stepping into the marketplace are paramount, with additional verification of condition, rarity, provenance, authenticity, and historical importance to eliminate uncertainty before you buy.

My trusted relationships offer a discreet reach to rare and special cars around the globe that will never be publicly available. Whether pursuing the next acquisition openly or privately, clarity, objectivity, and connoissuership are available to you on demand.

Realigning Or Downsizing

When facing a full garage and the need for an adjustment, there are several ingredients to a successful transition. Thoughtful assessment of the desired outcome, timing, market conditions, and liquidity dictate the best approach, avoiding common and financially catastrophic mistakes.

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