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A valuation that you and your financial and legal professionals can rely on is essential for updating insurance coverage, contemplating sale, loan collateralization, and estate planning. Accurate value discovery relies on objectivity coupled with the correct approach, and an understanding of individual attributes of value. Authenticity, condition, rarity, provenance, and historical importance reveal an overall picture with which I am well acquainted, having appraised over a billion dollars of collectible automobiles.

The Benefits Of Planning Ahead

Including collectibles in estate planning is a crucial and surprisingly complex part of asset preservation. Without structured planning and management, prized collections can be burdened by high taxation, depreciation, disorderly liquidation, and emotional conundrums for your family.

Sound planning and consideration of the interests of your heirs extends well beyond establishment of trusts and family limited partnerships. Aside from having a collection properly inventoried and valued, a well-crafted plan requires core documents for the appointment of knowledgeable trustees along with clear written instructions. There may be financial provisions necessary whether the goal is perpetuation, maximization of value, or creation of a lasting legacy and tax deduction via charitable donation.

I am ready to engage with you and your trusted professionals to develop and codify a plan that realizes your goals.

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